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7225 S 900 E Midvale UT, 84047

Automotive Repair

Cars are great when they’re running smooth. Unfortunately, as with most things in life, cars don’t hold up forever and are subject to constant wear and tear. Proper maintenance can help, but as time goes on, parts wear out and need replacement.

Need Car Repairs?

We understand cars! We’ve been repairing cars since 1957 for all of our valued customers. We take pride in the work we do and are confident that we can take care of all your automotive needs. Please give us a call if you are in need of car repairs or service.

Common Auto Repairs

We can fix almost any issue your car may have. Below are some common types of vehicle repairs and replacements that your vehicle may need at some point. This list is not comprehensive, but it can help inform you about some common car repair services. You can also check out our auto tips page for more information on some specific topics.
Oil Change & Oil Filter Replacement

Oil is essential for keeping car engines running smoothly, and periodic oil changes are necessary. How often you need an oil change depends on your type of car.

Engine Light Check

If your engine light is on, it indicates there is a problem with your car's engine. When you take your car to our shop we can figure out the specific problem and how to fix it.

Cosmetic Repairs

Cosmetic repairs don't affect the functionality of your car, they are purely visual. They include repairs to cracks in windshields, paint scratches, dents, and other similar issues.

Air Filter Replacement

The air filter is another part of the car that may need replacement after too much wear and tear.

Head & Tail Light Replacement

Head and Tail lights occasionally fail and will need the bulb replaced.


If there is a problem with your brakes, we can repair or replace the malfunctioning parts.

Engine Repairs

Problems with a car's engine can be dangerous and may cause further damage to the vehicle if not repaired quickly.

Spark Plug Replacement

Spark plugs are the devices that create the spark necessary for your engine to start. They are relatively inexpensive to replace if they fail.

Windshield Wipers & Fluid

Windshield wipers can break when they get too worn out, and you may need to get them replaced. Windshield fluid will also likely need to be replaced.

Routine Maintenance

Routine vehicle maintenance includes cleanings and check-ups for general wear-and-tear to your car.

Wheel Rotation & Balance

Periodic wheel rotation and balance makes your tires last longer by preventing uneven wear on your tires.

Car Battery Replacement

When car batteries get too old and worn they can die and need replacing.